I forgot Say Anything was playing in SF tonight 😔 I knew I wouldn’t be able to go anyways but I’m still bummed I missed them

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Don’t apologize! You had no way of knowing lol. Thank you so much! Thankfully, she’s doing really well and on the road to recovery.

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Elie Saab fall 2013 couture details

Elie Saab fall 2013 couture details

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A short list of some of the Iranians who are involved in tech industry in the United States

1 : Anoushe Ansari, The first Iranian in Space and the first self-founded women to travel to space. co-founder and chairwoman of Prodea Systems

2 : Sogol Malekzadeh, One of the designers of Windows Phone digital assisitant, Cortana

3 : Parisa Tabriz, Security expert for Google

4 : Salar Kamangar, Senior execative at Google and Former CEO of Youtube 

5 : Pierre Omidyar, Founder and chairman of Ebay 

6 : Arash Ferdowsi, Co-founder of Dropbox

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Hey remember all those Pakistani children saying they were afraid to go to school because they feared being attacked by US drone strikes? no? you only know about Malala Yousafzai? because she was attacked by the Taliban instead of your taxes? oh, okay. 

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things we hated as children: being spanked and naps
things we love as adults: being spanked and naps
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I know, right? I was on the verge of tears. Something was so off about the whole thing. He didn’t leave anything behind. It took me a second to compose myself in my car before opening the garage and getting out and by the time I drove away, he wasn’t at the front door anymore. One of my good friends even drove an hour up to keep me company so I didn’t lose my mind haha. My grandma is thankfully totally okay besides some scrapes and bruises, she had to get a few stitches on her forehead and she’s a little shaken up but besides that she’s good. I’m just glad today is over to be honest!

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Honestly, I wish that was it. My grandma went to the ER to get stitches after she fell and hit her head on the concrete. When the ambulance took my mom and grandma, I was home alone and my dog starts freaking out at the front door. As if I’m not already freaking out about my grandma, I go to calm my dog down and look through the peephole to see if someone is outside and some guy is PRESSED UP RIGHT THE FUCK AGAINST THE PEEPHOLE to the point where I could only see his nose and a tiny bit of his mouth. He stood there for I have no idea how long just breathing hella loud and didn’t once knock or ring the doorbell and my dog was going CRAZY. At this point I’m hysteric and I got in the car with my dog and sped out the garage so fast I almost took the garage door off its hinges. It’s been a very long crazy day.

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Today was pretty much the scariest day of my life.

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I want to let people know about this app, especially for those people who suffer from social anxiety where telephone communications might be triggering or uncomfortable.

It’s called “TalkTo” and is available for iOs devices for FREE here and is also available in Google Play for Android devices! Essentially, it allows you to ask businesses questions by sending a text message instead of calling. For businesses that aren’t set up to answer a text message or an email (it will try to send it either way) a TalkTo agent will make the call FOR you, and then will text you back with the company’s response.

I have used this app to make reservations, check for stock, check store hours, and more. Certain businesses will have a higher response time than others but if you ask ahead of time then you won’t have a problem. I sent a restaurant a question this afternoon (see picture) and i had a response within 15 minutes. 

Give it a try!

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Fuck Yeah Men of Color

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A quick reminder.

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Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali reading the Quran

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fun fact: in germany if you’re a neo nazi or own nazi regalia they arrest the absolute fuck out of you

fun fact: guess what we should do in america

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